Today I ran my fifth half marathon and took away a new PR!!!!! I busted my butt training that last few months and it paid off! I shaved 7 minutes off my previous best and finished in 2:06:47!!!! 9:33 average pace. So so proud

The race was organized very well, I parked, walked right on to a shuttle and waited at the start for about 20 minutes until the start and there was NO lines at the porta potties.. Whhaaaa!

I went out a bit too fast holding a 9:10 average pace the first 6 miles when I should have been more at a 9:30.

It started getting tough at mile 10…. Mile 11 I had liquid pouring from my nose? And mile 12 I wanted to walk and throw up, neither or which I did.

I saw my friend, sister in law and husband at mile 13 and had a nice boost and then it was down hill to the finish!

When I got home I promptly showered, ate a large cheese sub and took a nap in my medal ;)

  1. ettelivm said: Where did you get that time tat? Or is it part of the race you did?
  2. justmadforasentence said: you rock :)
  3. kathrawr- said: Great job!!
  4. runderella said: Congratulations!!!
  5. takingitoffagain said: Congratulations!
  6. easybeinggreene said: WAY TO GO!
  7. straightarrowlife said: So happy to see this wonderful post. You. Rock. :D
  8. fitnessinablog said: CONGRATS! THat is an AWESOME time!
  9. endorphinsorbust said: LOVE THIS PIC SET! Congrats!!!
  10. sofiewasarunner said: Great job on the PR!!
  11. incandescedlove said: Congrats! You’re awesome :)
  12. mplsgirl said: you’re awesome!! i just ran my first half marathon last weekend! i envy your time, mine was a 3:03
  13. yogawithmayon said: Well done, you can be proud of you !
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