Marathon Training Take 2 Day 56

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 56

Tuesday morning I woke up to darkness, cold and drizzle. alright, I got this.  I made some coffee as running without it would be blasphemous. I got dressed and when I stepped outside it was still dark and cold ( in the 40’s) and it was now POURING.. yay..  challenge accepted. It’s been a while since I’ve run in the rain anyway ;)

Headlamp on, I hit the road. I ran out 3 miles and then I did 4×100…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 54

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 54

Sunday morning I had a great 15 mile run. I felt great, I slept great and the weather was perfection! Cool, sunny and beautiful!

I drove to a local trail along the Delaware river, there are trails north and south on the NJ and PA sides. I decided to run north on one side and south along the other after crossing a bridge. It was nice to mix it up as I usually do out and backs on these trails.


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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 52

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 52

You reach a new level of dedication when you’re “excited” to wake up at 5 am to run. I have arrived HA

I set my alarm for 5 am and woke up at 4:58… talk about timing. I was shockingly not even that exhaused.

I had plans to run on my road but there are no side walks and street lights and it was DARK.  Scary dark. so I changed my plans and drove 2 miles into town where there was plenty of street…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 51

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 51

Thursday morning before work I ran 6 miles.  It was humid but not all that hot, I hope that heat wave is GONE until next year! I felt pretty good for most of the run which is nice, I think I am finally breaking through my rut! Hoooorayyyyy.

It straight up looked like fall out there!


I didn’t use any fuel or water on this run and I didn’t really need it BUT I did force myself to have something…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 49

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 49


finally, it was in the 60s when I went on my run at 6:30 this morning

finally, I HAD A GOOD RUN!

After all the crappy runs lately I spoke with my brother in law who’s pretty much specializes in running marathons ;) and I asked him for some advice. He changed my plan around a bit which led me to todays run.

I incorporated some strides in my 3 mile run.

I ran 2 miles and then 4 x 100’ish…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 46

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 46

When every run you do for weeks is crappy and just keeps getting crappier…. its SO discouraging! I am at the end of week 7 training to run this marathon and I cant seem to get past this!  I have been working HARD on getting enough sleep, eating more protein and less junk and all I get is another run where I feel AWFUL and my pace is so much slower then I know I am capable of.   I know part of…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 44

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 44

I FINALLY got a break in the heat on my run this morning. It was only in the 60s when i set out to conquer 4 miles. I decided before I left that I was not going to push myself AT ALL. I was just going to go whatever pace my body decided.  I tried not to look at my watch so that my brain wouldn’t take over. With all the crappy runs I have been having I needed a day to just go and not get caught up…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 42

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 42

Tuesday was Hot. I mean HOT. I ran with water for my 4 miles which I usually never do for runs under 6 miles. THANK GOD I DID. I think water is the only reason I finished the run. I could feel the intense heat radiating off of my body. I mean it was over 90 degrees and HUMID.

I have been struggling with my runs recently, I think partially due to the HEAT WAVE we are currently in and something…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 41

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 41

Hellllo September! I concluded August with 94 miles run.. HOLLA!


I would like to thank labor day for the chance to sleep in and relax before tackling 7 HOT miles of hills. I ran a back road I haven’t ran since probably spring 2013. BASICALLY, I ran 3.5 miles up a mountain with the plus side of running 3.5 miles BACK DOWN. When I left it was overcast and buy the time I was running it was…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 39

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 39

Saturday afternoon I ran NINE ROUGH MILES. Literally and figuratively. I was panning my normal route but when I was about to pass the trails I figured it would be a nice change of pace to run out further on the trail then I had before. This was both a blessing and a curse. The PLUS side to this decision was its still a new route to me which is always kind of awesome. The negative side was jumping…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 37

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 37

On Thursday morning when I woke up  I was really missing my running buddy, Chance, so I decided to take Kiya out for a run. She pretty much maxes out at 3 miles these days and it was cooler and less humid so it was a go.

She was DRAGGING, almost literally the first 1.5 miles. I figured it was fine since I wasn’t trying to break any world records, just get my miles in. As SOON as we turned around,…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 35

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 35

​As the last week of August arrived, the summer weather has returned. ​ IMG_5104 ​It was close to 90 degrees when I went out for my run. HOTTTT, thank goodness for the shade of trees. I ate a LATE lunch right before I ran so I was worried about a cramp but I was mostly ok. I held a fairly steady pace of 9:29 which brought me to a 28:27 finish for my 3 miles. IMG_5105I bought ​2 new pairs of running socks last…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 34

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 34

At this point I am hungry and tired all day long. Monday mornings are especially rough!

Today coffee was the only reason I made it out the door for my run.

I ran my usual 6 mile route backwards which was kinda awesome since it felt like a whole new route. It was not awesome that mile 4-5 was an intense hill climb. Really wore me out!

once again I realized I need to be eating before 6 milers. I…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 31

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 31


I had a FULL weekend planned, so my best bet to get my long run in was friday after work.  I decided this wednesday so I had about 2 days to mentally prepare for a LONG FRIDAY. I am usually so exhausted friday night I can barely stand the idea of doing anything after work let alone do my long run. BUT. I was ready.

When I got home I took a quick power nap, then snacked on some Swedish fish…

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Marathon Training Take 2 Day 30

Marathon Training Take 2 Day 30


Todays run was crap.

I was exhausted

I couldn’t take a deep breath

my legs felt HEAVY


I had a cramp in my ribs for 2 miles.

I think I am dehydrated

I was HAPPY it was 3 miles and not 12

BUT…. a bad run is better then no run.


Here’s to the next run being AWESOME.

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